The only 5 Sources You'll Ever Need for Free Stock Video

Videos, you love them we love them, grandpa loves them so it’s only natural you might want to add them to your next project. The problem seems to be that good video’s, that is one’s with at least 720p or higher (preferably Full HD) are sometimes very very expensive to obtain.

 Fret not though because there are more than a few places on the great big interweb where you can find yourself some totally free and badass, footage. Do with them as you please


Pexals video

The first on the list, Pexals is primarily a spot to go and get free stock photo’s but in recent times the have expanded to have a collection of HD stock videos to choose from. This one has a pretty large selection with everything from aerials shots to time-lapses. It must be noted that there is no search function so allot a few minutes to spend scrolling through the site to find that perfect shot.


 One of the larger free video libraries online, Videezy is a great place to start you search. Unlike some of the other sites on the list, they have a pretty solid search function that with a little bit of coaxing will produce result, just make sure to try to keep the queries as simple as possible like search for “BBQ” as opposed to "grilled steaks"


 Another great option for a broad selection of videos. Nothing really makes this one stand out above the others but it is a solid resource nonetheless.


Distal is one of the more unique players on the list. The content is smaller in number and greater in impact. Some of the videos featured on the site are more suited to be standalone content than the background for your project so watch out for names music and other extra’s thrown in that you may have to cut out in iMovie. Nevertheless, their are a lot of hidden gems on this site and it’s definitely worth a look.


Natural shots are the the core competency of Mazwai. Along with the killer shots of nature there are a great deal of good architecture and city shots in this collection.

There you have it! 5 great resources to create amazing content that will blow your audience away. Go forth and create something badass.