Great Design for Even Greater Causes 

1 Per Month.  100% Pro Bono.

Here at Pareto Design we want to do more than simply design beautiful interactions, we want to make those interaction meaningful in a way only good design can create. Design Deserves proliferation. It needs to be apart of the world and that is why we have made the decision to build 1 eye catching brand per month for a non-profit or cause in need, 100% pro bono


From logo to business cards and everything in-between, Pareto Design will expertly craft your organization a compelling brand that effectively conveys your mission and engages your audience. Who says only tech startups get a monopoly on beautiful brands, it's time for charitable causes to look great too!


What's a brand without a place to display it. We'll build your organization a beautiful responsive website that tells the world your story no matter the screen size she's using to view it.  


We'll help you brainstorm new ways to grow your resources and market to your key stakeholders. We're not magicians and as such we can't promise immediate 10x donation increases but we have been around the marketing block once or twice. We're here to get you on the right footing to carry out your mission.


FEBRUARY'S Spot is Still Open 

Tell us Your Story, We're Eager to Hear From You