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A podcast for, and about those building the future.

Welcome to the Developing story – A podcast dedicated to exploring the fascinating stories of developers, architects, designers and the things they build. From building multi-billion dollar projects at the height of a financial crisis, to creating mixed use wonderlands that millennials dream of, to single handedly creating neighborhoods; all around you there are epic stories of creation and placemaking. We are here to tell those tales and demystify the world of real estate development. 


Who's this podcast for?

Those who build places that people want to live, work, and play in. For the veterans, this is your way to stay on the cutting edge of the industry. For newcomers, this is your home for the knowledge and experience it took the old guard years to build. 


What do we cover?

Industries that are building the future and redefining the urban landscape – Real Estate Developers, Master Planners, and Architects.  We curate stories about people and firms that driven by bold endeavors.  Thriving in complex environments and operating at the intersection of design, technology, and real estate. 


Launching Q3 2018