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Forrest T. Heath III

Forrest T. Heath III is the founding partner of Pareto Design, a global design consultancy based in Washington, DC that works in Estonia, Colombia, and China. Pareto works in industries that Forrest believes are building the future and redefining the urban landscape: real estate development, infrastructure, transportation, hospitality, and defense. The firm is driven by bold endeavors, thrives in complex environments, and confidently operates at the intersection of design and technology. When not working with Pareto, Forrest can be found working with veterans, or on other projects to protect endangered species, combat human trafficking, promote the adoption of electric vehicles, or build public and private high-speed rail.


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Want to change transportation? Change perceptions.

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Southrail: the history and future of bold infrastructure

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Hybrid Value Chains:  Countering Terrorism with Economic Health

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Hacking Design: Tactical design for early stage entrepreneurs    




Infrastructure & Urbanism 




Projects & Research


Southrail is a public/private higher speed rail service and urban development project connecting the heart of North Carolina from Charlotte to Raleigh.

Southrail Pitch Deck

Southrail Overview Video

Fndry the future of retail. With the advent of online shopping and changing consumer preferences, experimental retail is the best way to create value from physical space.

Pop-up Retail White Paper


Indis is an independent advisory board created to help local government thrive in an increasingly complex world.

EVos — LEED for Electric Car Compatibility

Community Deployable Bus Shelters

Police Fleet Interior lighting Upgrade

Pareto Development is a real estate development firm that focuses on creating vibrant, mixed-use communities in growing markets.

Medellín Overview

Global Development & Security

The Asymmetric Operations Group (AOG) is an American nonprofit group that provides wellness support, human performance enhancement and then purpose, for elite Special Operations and Special Law Enforcement Veterans by retooling their unique and highly developed skills for employment against global asymmetric challenges.

The Race Across America (RAAM) is a roughly 3,100 mile cross country bicycle race that begins in Oceanside CA on June 12th, and ends at the city dock in Annapolis.  It is touted as the most difficult bicycle race in the world. The team was racing to supporting veterans charities.


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